Welcome to Obwageningen

Obwageningen, a public library located in the beautiful and historic town of Wageningen, is the most diverse and the first choice of information in the changing needs of not just the locals of Wageningen but also to its nearby towns and cities.

 In today’s modern age, where a lot of information may be gathered through the help of the internet, it cannot be eliminated that the use and importance of public libraries are still necessary for a town. Public libraries are important not just because of its usefulness in a towns’ history but also to the role it plays in the towns’ individual, as these facilities helped a lot of people to get and be the facility of getting information, especially during the era when the World Wide Web is not even invented. Public libraries also serve as a place for knowledge creation and serve as an important educational, cultural, informational and social institutions. Such an institution provides and satisfies general public information to different segments of society regardless of their race, age, gender, language, beliefs or social standings. Public Libraries does not only been an important contributor in the field of education but also serve as a builder of a nation’s economy. The said facility proved to be an effective agent in providing resources, business services, and literacy activities in the community of business and economy. In earlier years, in USA and Europe public libraries started as a donation of some renowned Philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie and Benjamin Franklin. Nowadays, public libraries are maintained for public use and funded by the government.

 Wageningen, a known historical town and now a modern technological community, located in the central Netherlands, on Gelderland’s province, known for its Wageningen University which specializes in life sciences, have their very diverse and very conducive facility for learning, a public library, the Obwageningen. Obwageningen, a public library that believes in the power of knowledge has been founded through its strong belief to provide a facility that is conducive for learning and to create a diverse yet dynamic and unique community that is united to strengthen and support each other through the sharing of their learnings and unique ideas. Obwageningen, together with its not your typical library staffs, will help you develop your habits of not just reading but also the fun of learning. Obwageningen is not your typical public library as it offers a wide array of services that will help everybody, from kids up to those who are advanced in years, and from students to professionals. Some of these services are E-books & E-Readers, Business Resources, Digital Entertainment, Skill-Building Opportunities, Computer & Printer Access, Community Involvement, academic & research support and a whole lot more.

Since Obwageningen is a town near Amsterdam, a city known for its Amsterdam Zoo, Van Gough Museum, Amsterdam Heineken Experience and many more. A lot of travelers and tourists can visit Obwageningen and experience a one fun way of learning and feel its more intellectual ambiance through its welcoming staffs and meet a lot of readers and idealist.